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No Phone, No Wifi
No Worries

A necessary break from the digital life.

So you work with screens.

So you relax with screens.

So you play with screens.

So you interact with other people through screens.

So you can't take it anymore. You miss analogue. You miss the woods, the clarity of life you used to have as a kid. Yeah. So do we.

Then you bargain with the devil inside you, you tell yourself:


“ I must just discipline myself. I must just stop watching my phone every 5 minutes”...

Yeah... right. Good goal. We know that sometimes it's not easy to start self disciplining.

Hell we can't even do it half the time.

Whether you feel screen-tired and your eyes are eating themselves out

or behave like an outright screen dependant where the screen starts eating your soul

we got you covered. And no it's not another retreat with some guru.

golden drone copy.jpg

So What is it, like, concretely ?

Sometimes all we need is the right environment with like minded people for a while. No lecture, no course, no coaching.

Just a place to disconnect from the digital and connect with the human.

A place to breathe, discuss, write and play.

A garden with a forest and a river, the perfect place to tend to the garden Voltaire was talking about.

My project.png

A 4 day stay at the Inn

Monday evening to Friday morning.

My project (1).png

No Phone, No Internet

We cut the Wifi, the LTE, and all source of screens. Even music is analogue.

My project (3).png

Quality Food

Every day you get served exquisite food from the nicest local cafe.

So What's The Plan, Stan ?


6:00- 10:00

Morning in complete silence.

You also get an optional theme to reflect on or write creatively about.


10:30  11:30

Optional discussion circle


Where we can share ideas, reflections, business ideas, creative ideas, etc.


11:30 - 18:00

Free time.


+- 19:30

Board game time !



(but you know, also optional)

From 88 to 152 CAD$ per day (depending on the room)
110$ to 190$ on the weekends



masterschmbers frigo.jpg
Image by Caleb Russell
outside 3.jpg
centered copy.jpg


1  Room, Monday Evening to Friday Morning

(First to book, first served. We have 4 rooms)

11 Meals - Breakfast - Dinner - Supper

Infinite Coffee and Tea

(Does not include Alcohol Consumption. We will contact you with an interactive menu)

Access to the whole manor and it's surroundings

(More than 5  immediate Acres + 50 Acres of walkable land and ski trails)


Access to Musical Instruments and Games

(Piano, Guitars, Hangdrum (handpan) Ukulele, Cajon)



Choose 1

1: Croc Koko (with eggs)

2: Bagel Bacon

3: BLT Chicken

4: Grilled Cheese

Choose 1

A: Muffin

B : Banana Bread

C: Brownies

D: Energy Balls (2)

Served with Coffee, Croissant and Apple Juice




Evening - Butter Tofu - Curry and Vegetables 



Lunch - Lentil & Peas Dahl with a Potato & Legumes Salad. 

Evening- Rice Noodle Bowl with Vegetable Sauté



Lunch - Ginger & Carrot cream 

Orzo-Broccoli salad

Evening - Frijoles Taco



Lunch - Minnestrone soup,  Greek Style Pearled Couscous Salad

Evening - Vegetarian Lasagna

Still have Questions ?  Call us : 514 418 3450

Pas d'événements pour le moment
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Note that we do not require the vaccinal pass

You may personally wear a mask if you feel like it, but none are mandatory

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