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Est. 1898

Maison Favier

Le Salon des Inconnus

An Historic Inn for Artists,

Entrepreneurs and Travelers

514 418 3450

hotel a 15 minutes du parc omega auberge 

Auberge inn hostel  proche du parc omega




Team Building

Culinary Services

Local Café

Salon des Inconnus

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Creative Exiles

Plan a time and place outside of one's daily urban routine to facilitate creation, overcome blockages, invite creative geniuses to settle within us, meet other artists, and exchange ideas about our projects.

It's a semi-structured time with optional activities to allow participants to work on their projects, unleash their creativity, and seek feedback and partnerships if needed.

Salon des Inconnus

Salon d'Artiste Danse Videoclip

Artistic Centre

Pro Shoots

Events / Exhibitions


Artistic Services

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